Our History


Brulè al Ghiottone

I 4 soci del Ghiottone

The butchery Piazzi founded in 1943 by the grandfather Faustino it continues with Faustino and Claudia that in 2004 they renew the activity with the opening of a new shop to Cavalese –  Il Ghiottone – where counting on their points of strength, the experience in the sector and the knowledge acquired in the years, explains the difference in the choice of the products  to the clients.


Now continue with The Ghiottone – Food for Foodies, two new members Ilenia and Adriano and the opening of a new department where you can enjoy everything in the store and thanks to the know-how acquired during years of research, to know the process that led to the creation of these gastronomic excellences


We have selected for you the best local and Italian firms, that have gotten numerous recognitions to Italian and international level, to be able to offer you how much of can be found better in the field of the compotes, of the chocolate, of the products for infusion, of the refined cheeses and of the traditional meat products, of the crushed ones, and very other.

Crafted products come from small companies rooted in the area where care and selection of raw materials are the key to obtaining a quality product.

The ‘foodie’ is not a professional gourmet, but not even a person who does not understand anything about tastes and flavors and is content with whatever is edible.

The ‘foodie’ is a connoisseur who loves hobby food, studies, eats and is attentive to all the culinary innovations.

Il Ghiottone –  Food for Foodies wants to be the point of meeting of the Foodies where possible to taste everything is how much you are found in the shop and to know the trial that brings to the creation of these gastronomic excellences.

We are not a bar and not even a restaurant: all the products that you will taste will exclusively be the fruit of our decennial search.

Wines are of very tied up wine cellars to the territory and of high quality. Quality testified by the recognitions gotten in the national and international contests.

The cheeses both local and Italian, are sharpened from the best Italian Affineurs with fruit, grapes, hay and alpine grass.

The meat products, local and Italian, represent how much of originates better from the ancient techniques of workmanship and maintenance of the country tradition.

Fruit’s compotes with over the 70% of fruit without dyes neither preservative is an authentic pleasure of some senses from the heart of the nature.

The pickles, fascinating culinary creations, delights for the palate in which the natural preservative is exclusively used for excellence the virgin extra oil of olive…and still more.

What is essential to us is the constant pursuit of companies that strive for the achievement of a quality aimed at excellence.

Only on the basis of these motives we will be able to astonish you with always new and amazing flavors, scents and tastes.